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30,000 Years of Art

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Kiadó: Phaidon
Follow-up to Phaidon"s phenomenally successful The Art Book.

An accessible, fun and informative compendium of world art, that offers an original and fresh way of looking at the whole of art history from 28,000 BC to the present day.

Debunks art historical classifications and hierarchies by presenting 1,000 masterworks of art in simple chronological order demonstrating what was being created all over the globe at the same time.

Only here can you find the Venus de Milo next to a mural from the Mayan civilization, Velasquez" Las Meninas next to a jade wine cup made for the Shah of India and Picasso"s Demoiselles d"Avignon side by side with door panels from a Nigerian palace.

Each work has been chosen for its unique place in the history of art, and as a representative example of the art of its culture.

By juxtaposing works of art from different cultures throughout time, this is the first book to offer a balanced appraisal of world art history, revealing the huge diversity, as well as the similarity of man"s artistic achievements.

Each entry includes a full-page, colour image of the work and a concise descriptive text that sets the work in context, explaining its contribution to the development of art and the medium in which it was created.

A comprehensive index, illustrated timelines and a glossary of terms and movements make this book an invaluable reference tool and teaching resource.

Méret (mm): 305 x 305 x 73
Oldalszám: 1064
Megjelenés: 2007. Tovább...

Ár: 11353 Ft

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